November 9th, 2011

I Feel Like a Property Manager

We've got ongoing work at R.'s house in Mayberry to replace/refinish flooring throughout (everything is 15+ years old). We've also had to rekey the locks at our current house and the house in Mayberry, which isn't a bad thing: we're eliminating the keyed doorknob and switching it all over to deadbolt only. I hate keyed doorknobs. People lock them and then I wind up locking myself out unless I check it every single time. R. feels the same way. In addition to going deadbolt only here, we had a deadbolt put on the kitchen/garage door, which makes me feel a little better, especially if the power goes out again.

On the other coast, my old condo's radiant heaters are dying and putting blower heaters is turning into a massive undertaking. Fortunately, my renter is amazingly helpful in terms of managing appointments with repair/renovation people, so work on that and other things is proceeding well.

But I'm starting to feel like a property manager.