October 4th, 2011

Today's Activities Include: Filing

I wish I could say we were filing our taxes today, alas, I'm still dealing with what showed up in the mail a few weeks ago. In the meantime, since T. has moved from preschool to kindergarten this year, his preschool file moved from the lateral file/bookshelf/sort-of-desk next to my chair in the living room to the 3rd floor office, where it will sit ignored until some distant future date when he or someone else will haul it out and say something along the lines of either, why did you keep this? or, Wow, you kept this! Because A. started at the preschool T. recently left, her EI binder moved from the shelf (same piece of furniture) to the 3rd floor office.

While I was at it, I've finally conceded that the strategy I've had since I was a teenager for managing credit card receipts was no longer functioning. I _used_ to reconcile these against the bill every month, then every three months, and today I think I found 6+ months worth of unreconciled statements and receipts and gave in. I pay the bills and I look them over, but I used to track _every single credit card slip_ (I know, feel free to comment on my character using obsolete, pseudo-Freudian terminology that none of us even believe in any more -- I do it all the time). Not any more. The statements went upstairs, where I remembered my ongoing dilemma of when should I destroy the bills. I'll worry about that. Later.

I'm also in the middle of finally arranging my library. I really did just put the books wherever they fit when I was unpacking a couple years ago and this is the first time I've had a chance to impose order. The 3rd floor has general fiction and general non-fiction, but there aren't enough shelves for everything so I need to break out some subjects and identify locations on cases around the house for those. I'm also in the process of removing all the parenting books from where they were living in A.'s room, since she's getting taller and it makes sense to store more of her toys in her room.

It's looking a lot better around here, and I find it restful knowing that things are starting to be put away the way I like them to be put away, and not just moving-closer-to-their-goal-by-increments. It's a subtle difference, but an important one. Okay, important to me. I even found the stack of to-be-fileds up in the office and filed most of them. I'm sure I'll stumble across more as I dig through the rubble of my chaotic existence over the last few years.

It's all a not-particularly-clever way to avoid filling out Form 9XXs.

ETA: Which, after I filled them out, it occurred to me that I didn't know how to wedge them into TurboTax and we e-filed last year with the exact same situation. So I went back and very carefully read the instructions and realized that I don't need to file them.

Duh. Feel silly now, don't I?

The Virtual Happy Dance

While the folding table is still set up in the office, and still covered with stacks of tax paperwork, there is strong reason to believe that some time in the next couple weeks, we'll have finished the process and everything will be filed, both officially electronically, and for our own records. Which means we'll be able to fold up the folding table. In conjunction with having un-crated a bunch of plastic crates that have been sitting around for a while (probably since last year, when the contents of my condo were delivered in the summer, or possibly when I cleared the bottom shelves of some of the bookcases in the living room to make space for toys). It looks _much_ less like a storage space and much more like an enjoyable retreat.

Too bad I didn't get around to this _before_ K. came to visit. :l

The Happy Dance is Virtual, because I am now tired.

Cult of Android has leaked numbers on kFire and kindle touch sales


2K an hour is one way they are presenting it; 50K a day for 5 days is another. If they maintain this pace and if the silly man over at Piper Jaffray is right that they've got about 2.5 million lined up, then I'll be right that they'll sell out by T-weekend. But I'm betting my prediction is wrong, and they've got more than that lined up ready to go.

It is just _weird_ trying to imagine what's going to happen in terms of a delivery dance when the product is finally released.

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