August 2nd, 2011

commentary on the debt ceiling deal

This is the best I've seen so far.,0,2334100.story

I've been incredibly frustrated with a lot of analysis on this subject. Markovits makes complete sense to me, and he at least captures the most surprising part of this entire interaction.

I really wanted Clinton to win the primary. I knew a number of people who were passionate about Obama. I thought they were, ahem, delusional.

And I still do. They're mostly disappointed or even disgusted with him now. Meanwhile, I'm _incredibly_ happy he won the primary and then the general, altho I _still_ think those early supporters of him were wrong in who they thought he was and what he would be capable of. I'm a big believer in the process of negotiation while simultaneously intensely pessimistic about what is possible to accomplish through negotiation. If I were _optimistic_ about the possibilities of negotiation, I'd probably hold very different opinions.

In No Way the Creepiest Trial Ever

But still really creepy. You've been warned.

I don't know what you were thinking an audio sex tape of a weird religious guy with many (and I do mean many) young teenagers to play with sexually might involve. I should not have been startled by how much this guy seems to like listening to himself talk, and yet I was.

Oh, and all those fictional representations of polygamy as a bunch of dyads (one guy spending time with one woman, just a different woman on different nights of the week)? Not so much with this guy.