April 19th, 2011

Pat the Bunny

IIRC, my first encounter with Pat the Bunny occurred as an adult, when someone passed along a spoof-y adult oriented Pat the Bunny when we got married. I do not recall the details. Anyway. I did buy a reissue of what I believe the original looked like; it was about average as touch-and-feel books go and a little more fragile than some. A. likes a Pat the Bunny lift-the-flaps book about Bunny's Garden.

So when I was trying to find the (largely non-existent) response to the AAP Feb and YTD numbers for this year, and stumbled across a mention of a Pat the Bunny eBook iPad app, I figured, sure, maybe I'll pick it up. T. likes to make sure the screen fills evenly with icons, so he was nagging at me to buy more apps to fill up the currently part filled screen; Pat the Bunny was one of the paid apps that was part of that project.

And wow. It is _awesome_. The aesthetics are fantastic in terms of matching the original (well, based on the reissue I have) -- better than the Bunny's Garden, which has a little too bright a red throughout (strawberries, watermelon, tomatoes, etc.) to work with the pastel color scheme. That's largely irrelevant in terms of making the app a _good_ app, but it's always nice to see someone respect Design (and whoa and like damn, the original book had Design). It's easy to navigate and there are a lot of little animations that work well within the toddler-pre-k universe (pop bubbles in Bathtime, make the pots and pans make noise, help dad shave, put Paul and Judy to bed by turning off the light and pulling up the covers, etc.).

On the one hand, I'm no fan of the pastel Design framework of the Pat the Bunny universe -- it's not really my style at all, altho I recognize good execution when I see it. And in a lot of ways, the animations are more didactic and less chaotic than I typically prefer (I'm game with a tubby toast or tubby custard machine, but my favorite episodes are when the former goes nuts and the latter is used to make a huge mess). On the other hand, this thing is really quite gorgeous and A. loves playing with it.

I can always sit off to the side and imagine the Chaos Animations that could have been included, but inevitably were not.

What Are You Hoping to Find?

Buzzy Jackson kept circling back to this question, saying it kept coming up. I can't say that it's a question I think a lot about and if people are asking me this question, I'm forgetting consistently. I suspect people _have_ asked me this question, but it seems so ... irrelevant. I'm happy to find anything at all, really.

Well, at least until today. I have now had two ewwww ick moments in rapid succession.

(1) I am apparently distantly (and, unfortunately, not _that_ distantly) related to Pat Robertson. That is some seriously cringeworthy. After I noticed that, I ran away from the Willis line. At speed. I find it humorous to be distantly related to actors. I do not find it humorous to be related to televangelists, altho it does support the crazy religion thesis.

(2) I took another poke at the Terrills. *sigh* I now wish I had not. I just ran across an aunt-nephew marriage. This isn't creepy in the sense of an age difference -- the dates I'm looking at are the standard ones (husband a small number of years older than wife). The trouble lies in her older brother being her husband's father.

I'm sort of hoping this turns out not to be true.