January 11th, 2011

Friedan on Suburban Psychosis

location 4426ish in the kindle edition:

""You'd be surprised at the number of these happy suburban wives who simply go berserk one night, and run shrieking through the street without any clothes on," said the local doctor, not a psychiatrist, who had been called in, in such emergencies."

The next sentence is yet another more negative than neutral remark about breastfeeding, which I'm starting to find somewhat annoying. However, I did think the doctor's comment was hilariously funny, albeit probably somewhat tragic to the persons involved (hey, it's been 50 years, give or take; we're allowed to laugh now, right?).

Tomorrow's Activities Include: Snow Day!

We received the automated phone call from the school system, saying that the district superintendent (named in the robocall! No one else wants anything to do with this decision if it goes badly?) has canceled everything even remotely related to the school tomorrow. Early intervention has pre-emptively canceled services for A. R. is taking a vacation day. We told B. to just sleep in.

If it doesn't snow tonight/tomorrow, we're all going to be feeling a little foolish.

R. even stopped at the store and bought two of the traditional OMG we're about to be trapped indoors items: eggs and (chocolate) milk.