December 29th, 2010

network problems?

I decided that it was entirely possible that we had some problems on our end. I rebooted my machine, explicitly flushed the dns cache and then started looking at some of the problematic websites using ping. Things had improved: there were a couple sites that I previously couldn't load at all, and now loaded really, really really slowly and without pictures.

When R. got home, he rebooted the router and that improved things further. Ping still indicated that there was heavy packet loss for the servers in question. Next up: will farm town work now?

numbers (are you impressed yet)

Nice bits of rumors here.

Notably: Apple's iPad production is slowing; the assumption that's because of an upcoming product refresh. The numbers: iPad dropped from 2.1 million to 1.6 million for December. Kindle is at 1.5 million. Analyst "Kuo wrote, that "Kindle is going to mass market from niche market," and that "iPad cannibalization of Kindle is not obvious.""

Here's a little comparison from earlier in the month:

Hey, we make 18K a day! A cool half mil a month! Go us!

Yup, go you.

Nice to see the e-reader has truly mainstreamed.