December 13th, 2010

adobe digital editions

I downloaded adobe digital editions as part of this so what's up with the university presses and the ebook revolution obsessive research project. Also, I got takers over on netgalley and have a couple of books to read. While I was waiting for the kindle version to arrive, I thought I'd check out the other option.

Download was easy. There were two options to identify myself; I opted to go with the adobe account, rather than the per computer thing. Everything worked the first time, which is very good. I downloaded the file from netgalley; my MacBook asked if I wanted to open it with Adobe Digital Editions, so clearly it has already taken over some stuff, which I'm okay with. File opened readily.

Where's the page turn button.

Wait, _that_ is the page turn button?

You _have_ to be fucking kidding me. You call _that_ a page turn button?

I can't stop laughing. I'm going to go eat a waffle now. Hopefully I won't die from choking because I can't stop laughing.

ETA: I did not choke on the waffle. I am currently using the kindle to read the book (despite formatting problems which I feel confident will be corrected in the final version. They'd better be.), and the adobe digital editions to track the sources. I tried a bunch of other things involving bookmarks and none of them made me happy. And while it is possible for numbers in the text to be linked to the sources at the end, neither this book, nor several others I've read lately (including _Boardwalk of Dreams_ and _Frontier of Leisure_) have done so. Which is a bummer.

ETAYA: Oh, yeah, and adobe digital editions does not work on an iPad. I feel confident there's a way to read this thing over there (I'm betting Nook would read it, for example), I haven't pursued that yet.

first gift book received!

The Lady of Finally Sending Things (and family) sent me a kindle ebook as a gift! (Not a reader, dear reader, but content, lovely content, about the solstice, so seasonally delicious as well!)

I got e-mail with a link. I clicked on the link. I was looking at a detail page with the option to change who I was logged in as, and an "Accept" button instead of a "Buy" button and the usual drop down pick-your-kindle menu to decide where I wanted it to wing its way to first.

Nice! A very clean implementation. I am now torn between a _lot_ of reading options (_Frontier of Leisure_, which I was reading until I was waylaid by a netgalley review copy, and then two _more_ netgalley review copies -- good thing I only asked for three, hunh? Who would have thought I'd get all of them? Anyone who has participated in Amazon's Vine, probably, but those people are way ahead of the curve compared to me), thus, I FEEL RICH!!!! I have BOOKS! Wheeee!

Can you tell it's cloudy and 50 degrees here? I feel all bright eyed and bushy tailed because it's Seattle weather here in my home in New England. Well, not the kind of weather Seattle has been receiving lately, but you know what I mean...


My extremely bright facebook friend C.H. responded to my previous post looking for a way to read DRM'ed adobe stuff on the iPad: he suggested Bluefire. The app (at least currently) is free, and their website supplies very clear directions for how to get a DRM'ed epub or pdf onto the iPad.

I now have the Columbia University Press book I'm reading thru Netgalley on the iPad, the kindle and on the Macbook. Maybe I'll figure out a way to go to a particular location in Bluefire and use it for tracking Sources; it would certainly be more convenient than using the laptop for that.

ETA: Wow. I had to look at the help screen to figure out how to get to navigation from within the book: tap the _center_ of the page. It works really well and is very clear once you know that little detail, but I was trying all the edges because that's what I'm used to on the kindle. Live and learn.