December 6th, 2010

I Hate FedEx

And I'm not going to make this friends only.

Years ago, I interviewed at a company and received an offer letter via FedEx. Only, I didn't get the offer letter from FedEx. FedEx delivered it to the wrong address. It was signature only, and clearly addressed to me, but FedEx let someone with a completely different name at the wrong address accept delivery. No one contacted me. I called the company and diffidently asked when I would hear from them. If I hadn't, I wouldn't have gotten that job. All kinds of things happened in my life as a result of that job (notably, I met my friend J.P., who ultimately married my other friend J.C.; also notably, it gave me internet/web-relevant job experience that would help me get the job at Amazon a year later; also, one of my coworkers also went to Amazon and we said nice things about each other to mutual benefit and Amazon's as well).

For want of a nail, and all that.

I never forgot FedEx's error. Ever. But their most recent insult to me is almost as bad.

I ordered two iPads (yes, you read that correctly) for my niece-and-nephew in spirit. It was _one_ order at Apple. It generated two orders to ship via FedEx. FedEx delivered one correctly, and "wrong addressed" the other one. Judging by the timestamp it went out on the truck, it may well have been the exact same driver.

I Hate FedEx.