November 23rd, 2010

I live in New England. Right? And it's November. Right?

I have all these friends in Seattle, because, you know, I used to live there. Hence the title of this blog.

Anyway, in Seattle, my friends are hiding car keys from their spouses and looking outside and thinking of Russian novels and taking pictures of the snow in their yard and putting studded tires on their bikes and doing the last leg of their return from the Arizona Ironman via light rail and bus because taking a taxi on I-5 would be a complete and utter disaster. That would be in Seattle, where one can almost rely on having occasional 60+ degree days into January. Where years go by between snow that actually sticks. And when the snow sticks, it sticks slightly up on the hills, and out in the suburbs and not at all in places like, say, Ballard.

Meanwhile, it's over 60 degrees outside today.

I _do_ live in New England, right? And it'll be T-day in two days, right?