October 27th, 2010

Vertigo Bad

I got up this morning and thought I was going to fall over. :(

ETA: I called the doctor's office asking to talk to a nurse, figuring they'd tell me it was probably an ear thing and to wait and see what happened. But no, if I think it's worth calling the doctor, they always think it's worth getting me into urgent care.

Hopefully this one won't then lead to the ER.

ETAYA: Labyrinthitis. A prescription for corticosteroids and a recommendation to try motion sickness meds. I figured out that chewing gum helped on my own. Doc says 3-5 days is likely, and to call if it lasts longer or gets worse or changes.

Labyrinthitis, and adaptation

I am a very twitchy person. It sort of drives my husband, R., nuts. I am resigned to my twitchiness, and figure it probably burns some calories and therefore can't be considered all bad.

As a result of the awful dizziness whenever I move my head, I have _very quickly_ learned to move my head as little as possible. Some combination of time passing, a nap, a quarter tablet of dramamine and methylprednisolone (I wonder if I spelled that right. I'm not getting up to got get the package to check. See above, minimize moving head.) has made it so I can actually walk around and go up and down stairs. Touching the walls and furniture helped a lot (to tell where things really were) and chewing gum (to help with what felt like the weirdest form of motion sickness I've ever had) did as well. But if I move my head quickly (like nodding in agreement, or turning my head to the side), it just feels horrible. It isn't quite like being drunk, or motion sick -- it is its own special awfulness. Most distressing, I can't sit in my rocking chair.

There was no way I was going to drive today (R. took me to the doctor). I don't think I'm going to drive A. to playgroup tomorrow, unless I feel a whole lot better. Hopefully this will all continue to improve, however, I remember now that I pulled a tick (deer tick, not engorged, but attached) off my left hip last Sunday. Maybe I should call the doctor to make sure I don't need to worry about Lyme. There was never a rash (which I know means little) or any other symptoms, and it wasn't engorged, so I am optimistic I'm in the clear, unless there was another tick at some other time that I missed . . .

Years (okay, close to 20 at this point) ago, I had chronic stomach pain and had to avoid all but a very short list of foods. This was a huge bummer, because I had only relatively recently branched out from a very short list of foods. It all seemed to start when I had a coffee drink that almost certainly had milk in it on the one day of my life I went downhill skiing. After months (close to a year, if not more than a year) of this, I caught some cold that ultimately resulted in a secondary infection (bronchitis), and got a prescription for antibiotics. Miraculously, my stomach problems disappeared and did not recur (I figure that had to have been H. pylori). Similarly, after taking corticosteroids for the last 9 hours, I am struck by how completely pain free I am. Normally, by this time in the evening, I have a laundry list of things I could (but generally do not) complain about, including both big toes, knees, hips, shoulders, back, blah, blah, bleeping, blah. Boring, even to me.

That pain is going to come back and I feel not the least temptation to risk the somewhat horrifying side effects of corticosteroids to be pain free. But for this brief moment in time, it is kind of cool.