July 7th, 2010

okay, that was weird

I watched _This Film is Not Yet Rated_ a while back, and put _A Dirty Shame_ in my netflix queue as a result. It arrived and sat on the mantle until today, when I finally watched it. It just didn't seem right to watch it when there was any chance of a small child walking in. Even I draw the line at exposing toddlers to films by Waters.

I thought the casting and credits said it all, really: Johnny Knoxville, Tracey Ullman, Chris Izaak. A score by George S. Clinton. Some truly hilarious songs. But honestly? It was way, way weirder even than I expected. Way weirder. Had some odd things in common with zombie movies, but much funnier. It also felt bizarrely like a ripoff of _Stranger in a Strange Land_.