June 1st, 2010

larger size reusable swim diapers

Let's say your little one likes to swim. And let's further say that your little one is no longer so little, and yet continence in water is still a problem. Swim diapers up to 2T are easy. 3T has a couple options, maybe 4T, too. After that, however, here is what is left:


They have an online store at that site, and some of their products are also carried elsewhere online and presumably In Real Life as well. While an extra small special needs swim diaper labeled 6/8 or extra small doesn't _look_ like a 5/5T, in practice, it basically is.

I can't tell you how happy I was to discover this. Their special needs section includes adult sizes as well, if perchance you are reading this and thinking that 5T still counts as little and wondering what to do about some other wonderful person in your life whose pool time is problematic.

winter vacation!

Yes, I _meant_ winter. I still have no idea what we're doing for this summer, altho we are toying with the idea of a July trip out to Seattle, and we continually debate the merits of a trip up to Storyland and/or Santa's Village in August.

But while that sort of decision is being procrastinated on, I heard back from my mother-in-law with a window for scheduling a trip to visit the mouse. We'll be going in November for 5 nights, staying at Bay Lake Towers (whee!), the 5 of us in a 2 bedroom villa (double extra special wheee! with extra squee! and a little happy dance, too) with Theme Park View (total moment of stillness, followed by ahhhhhhh).

Why is this exciting? Well, anything that costs that much had damn well _better_ be exciting for months and months and months before going, otherwise it's hard to justify the climate impact of the Jet Blue tickets and the raw dollar cost of the whole thing. But never mind that now. This is exciting because I _think_ it means that we can watch the fireworks display from our hotel room. If, indeed, there is a fireworks display. It would be just my luck that in the course of searching the Unofficial Guide's crowd calendar for a 4 day stretch of 1's (I actually got 2,1,1,1), I also picked the week that there's no fireworks. But you know? I do not care. Do you know why I do not care? Because I _also_ got 3 dinners at Chef Mickey's, 1 at 'Ohana, and 1 breakfast at Chef Mickey's all lined up, too. And since we have broken our rule and are flying Jet Blue instead of Southwest, we are using Disney's Magical Express, aka, ride the bus from the airport to the hotel and let them schlep the checked luggage.

I still have to solve the knotty little problem of getting a rental car so mother-in-law can take a trek out to see her relatives in the area and we can go buy groceries (because we have a full kitchen, heh, heh, heh); I don't know whether that means we send one adult to pick up a rental at the airport and drive it to the hotel while the rest of us take the bus, or if that means we arrange to rent one from Alamo at the resort.

But I am _soooooo_ looking forward to no crowds at the mouse. With luck, it will be cool in the mornings while we exhaust ourselves on Dumbo, and warm in the afternoon so the kids can play in the pool. Maybe we'll wear the little buggers out and leave them sleeping in the hotel room with mother-in-law while R. and I go find a bar somewhere. If not, we'll just have to have our drinks at Chef Mickey's while the kids are enchanted by Cast Members in costume.

ETA: Knotty rental car problem solved. R. suggested we find out if Enterprise would pick up and drop off from BLT. And indeed, they do.