April 20th, 2010

kindle coverage at the New Yorker


I'm not a Ken Auletta fan (and that would be a large understatement). However, the most problematic statement in the article is this one, and it's a quote so not the author's fault at all:

"In Grandinetti’s view, book publishers—like executives in other media—are making the same mistake the railroad companies made more than a century ago: thinking they were in the train business rather than the transportation business."

I remember Russ. That's exactly the kind of uninformed, completely wrong, off-the-cuff, but really catchy kind of thing he would say. And very charmingly, too. The point Russ was making may or may not be a valid one and his proposed solution is clearly wrong, particularly if you accept his analogy (publishers like railroads).

In any event, the article is an overview of what happened in the leadup and aftermath of the iPad announcement. It is excellent is every way. If your eyes glazed over while I was ranting about bad kindle coverage, and you want some Good Stuff, this is the article to read.