March 20th, 2010

The Gays, Dutch soldiers and Srebernica

I particularly liked this bit:

”Jan Kleian, the head of the Dutch military union ACOM, told Dutch television, “That man is just crazy.” He added, “That sounds harsh, but what else can I say, because it is complete nonsense.”

Also, that The Idiot who made the Dumbass assertion in the first place couldn't get even reasonably close to the correct name for his source. Wow.

_You_ may be clever enough to make up stuff this nutty, but I sure am not.

Today's activities include: Charlestown and Cambridge

R. drove us into town today. M., B., A., R. and I all went to visit the U.S.S. Constitution, where A. primarily was interested in nursing. Let me tell you, it's exciting enough going up the ladders all by myself. With a squirmy 18 month old who is trying to pull my shirt up, it's a lot more exciting than I prefer. I have no idea what Navy policy is on the subject of breastfeeding on board, but we found a spot on the floor to take a little break from the tour.

We skipped the museum in favor of the Cambridge Brewing Company for lunch. A., mysteriously, decided to stay awake, so we all had a very enjoyable lunch outside. I got the Mediterranean plate and a side salad. It was all excellent, the chickpea fritters remarkably so. Okay, I lie. The tabbouleh suffered from excessive lack of parsley. It was almost as if they'd forgotten to put any in at all.

T. spent the day with B. and B. and got a very short haircut. When he came home, we rode around on bikes for a bit. There has been a really huge new bit of vernal wet on Tuttle -- about a half acre in size on parts of three lots (2 on Tuttle and one on the next street over) and probably a foot or more deep. Today, there was a big pump running and a big hose sucking the water from the wet out to the street where it ran down a few yards into two storm drains. Riding up that bit of Tuttle was a little exciting.

Eventually, we took a break and went to Julie's Place. We were still riding our bikes, and it was dusk, so by the time we finished eating, it was full dark. I got out an LED flashlight I keep in my purse and held it by the handlebars on my bike; it was enough to keep T. headed in the right direction and out of most trouble -- only a _little_ adventurous.