February 26th, 2010

Today's activities include: errand success

A. and I went to pick up the pictures (and drop off another one) at the frame shop. They turned out very, very nicely. Then we went to Willow Books and bought a couple puzzles, and a board book about spring. I even managed to go up to the office and make one more teeny tiny step towards amending a tax return. And R. faxed and mailed a composite return form for me.

Maybe I'll start boiling potatos for the cottage pie next.

ETA: Cottage pie highly edible and very low sodium. I'm going to add this one to my cookbook.

ETAYA: http://www.seanet.com/~rla/cookbook/shepherds_pie.html

I didn't credit anyone in the recipe, because I looked at so many, and followed absolutely none of them particularly.