February 25th, 2010

Today's activities include: groceries, additional errands FAIL

I wanted to go to Willow Books today to buy a puzzle. I wanted to go to the frame shop to pick up my pictures which have now been framed (strictly speaking, R.'s pictures, but I'm the one making this all happen). However, when I attempted to go run that errand, A. fell asleep almost immediately in the car. So we went back home, where I left her in the car (in the locked garage) and set up the camera for the baby monitor. It's nice that it's warm enough to do this. She's snoring; I think she might have a cold again. Sleeping upright is probably easier for her, if she's having some trouble breathing.

The groceries outing was uneventful, other than trying to keep A.'s marauding in the cart to a minimum. I bribed her with crackers.

A. and I picked up T. today at the preschool. We had to do that yesterday, because R. got confused and thought that somehow someone else would do that. I got a call from W. asking why T. was still there, which meant I had to get A. out of the tub in a hurry since R. was not responsive to phone calls (in a meeting). T. was very cooperative, so I figured I'd give it a try again today. We've been very reluctant to have anyone pick up or drop T. off (or really, do anything at all with T.) and also have to keep track of A. at the same time. When T. is obstreperous, it can get very unsafe very quickly, and it's hard to do anything about it and manage a 17 month old at the same time. But once again, they were both extremely cooperative.

I made waffles and blondies today. I probably should make some actual dinner food tomorrow (mmmm, beans; or possibly tuna noodle casserole), but may instead make pineapple upside down cake.

There was a great article in the NYT the other day by Harold McGee on no/minimal knead "wet" breads.


Needless to say, not a lot of progress happening on taxes.

ETA: Looks like the dinner food, if it happens, will be cottage pie. As usual, I find myself dissatisfied with every recipe I've looked at so far (largely on too-much-sodium grounds, but also presence of dairy), but since it seems to be a ground-beef-with-veg-and-whatever topped with mashed potatos thing, I'm sure I'll think of something. I've never made mashed potatoes, because the last thing I need is another not-very-healthy potato dish to be hooked on.