February 18th, 2010

kindle on blackberry

It does not make up for this week, but it does improve it.

ETA: No, actually, it doesn't. Entirely in keeping with the spirit of this week, my version of the Curve is not supported.

ruh roh

Back on the 11th of this month, I posted a bit about the publisher Sourcebooks, after encountering their name in that NYT article about customers feeling cranky about the pricing change on ebooks, er, agency model. I think I may have mocked Sourcebooks for selling Jane Austen sequels (not by Austen), baby names books and similar. I may even have gone so far as to say that they were not marketing to me. I should not say things like this, and here is why:


Sarah has gotten a book deal with Sourcebooks. I am happy for Sarah. Really, I am. And I am happy there will be another book by her for me to read (I really enjoyed _Beyond Heaving Bosoms_). I guess I _will_ be buying at least one book published by Sourcebooks. In 2012. Assuming, of course, the world doesn't end before then.