November 14th, 2008


Will Hillary be Secretary of State?

Will Lieberman lose his chairmanship? Be kicked out of the Democratic Caucus? Does the moderate Republican Caucus now consist exclusively of women from Maine?

Who knows? Altho clearly, a lot of people care.

In less momentous to the nation transitional news, T. is moving out of size 3T and into 4T. A. is moving out of 0-3 months clothes and in to 3-6 months. And I wore a dress for the second time in a week. I am so damn tired of wearing some variation on t-shirt and pants (or top and skirt) I ordered a bunch of nursing dresses from MotherWear. And they are all comfortable and look pretty good, too.

We got pictures taken of A., R. and me yesterday at the mall, none of us dressed up. Maybe we'll get pix of all 4 of us in holiday clothes. That'd be cool and seasonal and all.