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November 8th, 2008

In the midst of all the post-election-blues articles and the lookit-the-black-men-crying commentary, there is the occasional sidelight -- things like, Obama picked Biden on the ticket as his gift to stand up comedians.

Well, here's my addition to that kind of post-modern (there is no post-racist; I'm not asking for cynicism here, just realism) snarking. Over the last eight years, there have been a _lot_ of comic routines built around such classics as "misunderestimated". Skipping lightly over the Clinton years, there was a time when entire (short lived) careers were built on the foundation provided by "happy campers" and (in)corrections to the spelling of the plural form of potato. Also, what language was spoken in Latin America.

An entire generation of wisecracking young men will exploit the cadence of our President-elect's speech to comic effect.

Sunshine and Tears


Bloomberg is suing under FOIA to find out just what the Federal Reserve is accepting as collateral and from who (whom?).

Hunh. Makes sense. I don't think there's any valid reason for refusing to cough up the information. Should be entertaining seeing how this plays out.

It's really been a bad year for schools collapsing. China, then Haiti. Very, very sad.