November 5th, 2008

Truly Stupid Commentary

I like to read health coverage because it's a nice place to take a little break from terrorism and war and similar. It was inevitable that the author would feel compelled to comment on the election, which was nice -- got a little more background on the Really Old Lady Who Voted described by Obama last night as part of his Arc of History (some seriously misguided metaphor in that speech, imo, but nice to hear a non-creepy reworking of It's Morning in America).

But this entry just makes me want to make fart noises in the blogs general direction.

“A lot of people, especially a number of my colleagues and friends, have been describing themselves as political junkies; they’re always going to blogs and cable news networks,” said Jefferson Singer, who teaches psychology at Connecticut College, as quoted in the Hartford Courant. “Like any junkie, I think they’re going to go through withdrawal.”

All I can say is, Mr. Singer (Dr. Singer? Professor Singer?), is just because you _want_ it to happen does not mean it will. Hope is Not a Plan or a Strategy. And there's no earthly reason to expect anything like the post election blues that are the topic of that entry. I will rally my evidence next.

(1) After the glorious 2006 mid term elections, which were an unreal and inspiring sweep for My Side (which continued last night), I didn't even make it to bed before I was sitting nattering with my husband about the 2008 elections. _Other People_, perhaps Singer among them, were Appalled. They were like, wtf, can't you just enjoy this before you start on the next one? Answer: Enjoying the 2006 election and anticipating the 2008 election are Not Incompatible.

(2) Have you looked at any of the news coverage today? The election isn't over. Yes, being from Washington State, I'm particularly interested in how Burner/Reichert turns out. But who _isn't_ interested in the final vote in North Carolina and Missouri? Who _isn't_ interested in how the run-off election on December 2 for Chambliss goes? Who _isn't_ interested in the mandatory recount for Coleman/Franken? You, Mr. Singer? Let's just say I'm not feeling any withdrawal yet.

(3) Anyone who is a political junkie -- or who knows a political junkie to a greater depth than just running the other way when they appear in the room (or finding a reason to hang up when they call, or maybe just letting it go straight to voice mail when you see the name on caller id) know the other Crucial Political Topic after the Election: the Transition Team. Sure, Rahm Immanuel is likely. But what position will Colin Powell get? Will Gates be asked to stay? Will he stay? If he stays, is it just a tricky little way to make sure the Republicans take _all_ the blame for the war in Iraq, including withdrawal? I don't believe those Chuck Hagel rumors at all. But don't you think Daschle deserves a job of some sort -- he's been out of work for a while now. I could go on. I think every single female Republican Senator (think Maine) should be offered a very high level position in Washington. They are great people and deserve the opportunity. Also, that's the only way we'll ever dislodge them. We can get to 60. We just need to do a little strategizing.

There's more (oh, so much more), but I'll leave you with one more tantalizing prospect: who _will_ be playing at the inaugural ball?

And how much evidence for the next several years of prosecutions will be missing when the transition team takes over?

I'm not feeling any let down at all. But I suspect all the people out there who _aren't_ political junkies are crying right about now. They were _so_ hoping for a break from all this crap.

Want to talk health care? No? How about. . .

stroller update: Britax Vigour explores the outdoors and indoors

A. and I went for a walk with, er, my daughter A. in the stroller. It rolls very smoothly, even on the at times crappy roads near our house. I pushed it part way; A. pushed it most of the way and we were both pleased. A. (little one) slept on and off, and seemed reassured to see us when she opened her eyes.

Later in the evening. We took the stroller to Costco. We did need diapers, but we were also surfing for toddler clothing and some other stuff -- nothing urgent. R. had T. in the cart; I wandered off with A. in the stroller (wheels unlocked so they pivot). Costco was very quiet, but we had a couple clear instances of stroller curiosity. One was a dad with a baby-in-bucket-on-cart who was clearly trying to figure out what the hell I was pushing; the other was the woman at checkout who explicitly asked about the stroller. One never knows if this is admiration or people-being-appalled-at-the-crazy-stuff-parents-buy. But it was entertaining that the stroller actually beat out the baby for conversational value.