November 1st, 2008

_Living with the Dead_, Kelley Armstrong (kindle)

Yet another in the supernatural series (pair of series? does that even make sense?) from Armstrong, this one continues the Hope Adams/Karl Marsten thread (she's half Expisco demon; he's all werewolf, no longer rogue -- well, not entirely rogue) and Jamie the necromancer appears off-stage briefly to assist a necromancer who knows some of his abilities because his family has had them for generation, but has no name for it and no organized ways of making use of it. Oh, and he's a detective.

Hope's friend Robyn (human) is recently widowed. Her husband's ghost has hooked up with Finn, the detective-necromancer. A celebutante has been murdered and Robyn is on the run from the murderer and also from the police who, at minimum, want to talk to her. The murderer is a clairvoyant, member of a Romany group called the kumpania. The politics of the kumpania make the Cabal look almost normal. Almost. Oh, did I mention? All happening in L.A., so the Nasts are front and center. Suzanna shows up briefly, as does her mother -- in angel attire, complete with sword.

Should you start the series with this entry? Probably not. But it does continue to entertain.