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09:48 pm: _Living with the Dead_, Kelley Armstrong (kindle)
09:30 pm: _Kris Longknife: Intrepid_, Mike Shepherd (kindle)
09:42 pm: _Live Free and Die Hard_ movie review (sort of) - 2 comments
12:49 pm: _Fools Rush In_, Kristan Higgins
12:30 pm: Some years in New Hampshire, the political season is year round
03:12 pm: Truly Stupid Commentary
09:46 pm: that dress (and cardigan) - 2 comments
10:10 pm: stroller update: Britax Vigour explores the outdoors and indoors
05:35 pm: Voting to Increase Their Own Taxes
06:09 pm: you read it here first: my prediction for the next 4-8 years - 2 comments
11:26 pm: Sunshine and Tears
02:57 pm: The Grinch, Unsatisfied with Back to School Season, Is Back
02:58 pm: Postpartum Fun: a little mania yesterday. And today. - 1 comment
01:16 pm: 6 weeks: big baby - 3 comments
11:17 pm: Richistan evaporating, bit by bit
04:26 pm: you needed to get out the expensive machines to figure that out? Really?
11:53 pm: transitions
12:01 am: role models
11:42 am: a few remarks on the popularity of the political phenom from Alaska - 3 comments
12:01 pm: lots o' kids in the post-Pill world
02:21 pm: the bin shuffle
11:06 pm: crafty dads and DIY baby gear
11:38 pm: Stroller Update: gearing up the britax
10:28 pm: _The Lace Reader_, Brunonia Barry
01:06 am: late night monty python - 2 comments
01:10 am: Hamartia
05:08 pm: China has apparently made it to the mid-1970s
05:18 pm: Grinch Planning to Garotte T-Day Travel On Way to Stealing the Christmas Season
10:24 pm: How You Can Tell a Democrat from a Republican
04:46 pm: Mall Crawl - 1 comment
04:52 pm: Woohoo! Larry Summers will almost certainly _not_ be Treasury Secretary! - 1 comment
05:05 pm: Stroller Update: gearing up the Vigour
11:21 pm: Hijacked from my flist: Too much television woman
12:38 pm: Why I Adore Gail Collins
12:45 pm: best website EVER! www.lolfed.com
01:08 pm: lots of bank failures and one cool chart
01:19 pm: a comment or two on deflation
10:47 pm: Griping? Or Musing? Women and Should, Part 1
10:55 pm: Griping? Or Musing? Women and Should, Part 2
10:59 pm: Griping? Or Musing? Women and Should, Part 3
04:48 pm: I'd say I was a cheap drunk, but. . .
11:04 pm: Griping? Or Musing? Women and Should, Part 4
11:13 pm: Oooh, Cancer! Great news from some of my favorite doctors.
01:54 pm: The End for Vice
12:33 am: Hope y'all had a fantabulous T-Day weekend!