October 9th, 2008

plot convenient pregnancy issues

Much as I enjoy reading a Brockmann novel, _Into the Fire_ had several really annoying pregnancy bits. Why, for example, did Eden miscarry when she did (while trying to escape the Freedom Network compound)? Everyone told her/them that the miscarriage was inevitable and had nothing to do with what had happened to her there. Then there was the explanation for the miscarriage happening at all: a heart defect supposedly incompatible with life. Why would she miscarry that? The description isn't detailed, but there's no reason in what is supplied that would cause that baby to not go term. And for that matter, the hole-in-the-heart thing isn't detailed enough to convince me of incompatible with life. Moving right along. There's no description of the importance of her having someone around while she's recovering from her c-section -- and Izzy is going wheels up in a few days/weekish.

But most obnoxious of all is that Izzy takes one brief look at this 3rd trimester baby (so, honestly? Not a miscarriage at all, since this happened after week 20, as near as I can tell -- this is a stillbirth, not a miscarriage) and concludes (a) it is caucasian and (b) therefore Richie -- who is black -- cannot possibly have been the father. If, in the event, it turns out that Izzy is just being a stupid idiot, okay. But one of the black women I grew up knowing had quite mixed heritage. She was married to a (very) white man, and their children varied from about the mother's shade of brown, to porcelain white. At least one of the kids had blue eyes and blonde hair. Now, to be fair, the hospital tried to take that baby away from her, claiming there must have been a mixup (just really makes you want to hurt someone, doesn't it?), so Izzy would be in awesome company in jumping to conclusions about parentage.

But there's no reason why Richie couldn't have had a blonde haired blue eyed parent (grandparent -- whatever), whose genes didn't necessarily show up obviously in Richie, but did reappear in Richie's offspring.

I'm really hoping Izzy is just being set up as an idiot. I really do. Because I hate to see this kind of misunderstanding perpetuated.

I will confess to having a horse in this particular race. I am consistently maddened by people who looked at T. and now look at A. and go, "What color are the baby's eyes?" Well, DUH! They're blue. If they weren't blue (or, I suppose green, or something even weirder, like one blue and one green, or whatever), we'd have a really, really big problem on our hands -- and no one with any sense would be drawing additional attention to it. Because my eyes are blue, and R.'s eyes are blue, and I haven't had sex with anyone else in years. Nevertheless, people will follow up on my statement to this effect by saying really dumbfuck stuff like, "Well, my eyes are brown and my spouse's eyes are brown and we have a blue-eyed kid." Words really fail. One does not necessarily want to just come out and say, just how ignorant _are_ you? Or, they'll say something like, "Well, I had a blue-eyed kid whose eyes changed later." It's particularly disturbing when the person making these remarks is someone employed in health care.


It's not like this kind of recessive-dominant thing is a recent revelation. It's not like you even have to believe in evolution to recognize the truth of it (look who figured it out, after all).

I'm really not ignoring the markets

I mean, given how much money I've lost on paper in the last couple days? Kinda hard to.

Altho, in the grand scheme of my life, I've had more important things to worry about and manage -- feeding the infant, keeping the toddler from taking too much psychological damage because I'm preoccupied with the infant, making sure diapers get changed, my bandage gets changed, I get fed and have enough to drink, blah, blah, bleeping, blah.

Anyway. I have been paying attention, but mostly be staring morbidly (and dozing off in front of) at CNBC. So not so much with the blogs and therefore less to link to from here.

If you happen to miss the links, here's one for you from Calculated Risk:


What a lovely perspective (well, _of course_ I would think that; I think feeding my baby is a lot more important than the amount of money I'm down over the last couple days. Also, I worry a lot less about problems that everyone else sees than problems only I seem to be paying attention to). Enjoy!