October 8th, 2008

_All Through the Night_, _Into the Fire_, Suzanne Brockmann (kindle)

I was a couple books behind, which is sort of nice right now.

These are entries 12 and 13 in the Troubleshooters series. And I'm here to tell you, I'm having a little trouble remembering all the characters so I cannot imagine these working all that well as standalone novels. YMMV.

In _All Through the Night_, Jules and Robin Get Married. Also, they are being stalked. Well, their ex- Adam is being stalked and their names keep coming up. And Adam leads the stalker right to them. They buy a house and redecorate and it keeps trapping Robin when door handles fall off. Antics ensue. Short but moderately fun.

In _Into the Fire_, a whole lotta ongoing (non) romances make major progress. Murphy more or less recovers from the death of Angelina. While it's considerably less clear what's going to happen with Nash, Tess and Decker at the end of the book, it's quite clear what's going to happen with Dave and Sophia. Izzy gets married (I know, kinda hard to believe). Nearly everyone is pregnant (well, you know). In the action-adventure portion of the plot, Murphy is attempting to figure out whether he killed the leader of the Freedom Network in revenge for Angelina's death. When Ebersole's "death" becomes public knowledge and the shit is being blown all over, nearly everyone gets involved as a kidnappee or rescuer in the resulting Rampage at the Compound.

As always, for every dyad created, new possibilities are presented to tantalize the loyal reader: from _All Through the Night_, there's a good shot of Adam getting some (more). _Into the Fire_ doesn't precisely offer up a Happy Ever After for Eden and Izzy, and as noted, the Tess/Nash/Decker triangle is alive and well. And _I_ would love to see Tracy involved with someone (other than the drunken hookup with Izzy from a couple books back). I'm sure I'll get my wish some day. Maybe next Spring, even.

Oh, I am so much more the target audience for these than I am for Stuart. If someone can explain _why_ to me, I'd love to understand better.