October 7th, 2008

_Catch of the Day_, Kristan Higgins (kindle)

Earlier book by _Just One of the Guys_ author. Equally as good. In this outing, set waaayy far north in Maine, Our Heroine is an identical twin. Her twin is married, has a baby -- her life is great. But Our Heroine has Bad Luck when it comes to boyfriends. Her high school/college boyfriend neglected to tell her he'd dumped her and hooked up with someone else until after he was engaged to the someone else. She falls head over heels for the new Catholic priest in town. Etc.

Like _Manhunting_, a good chunk of the book is devoted to the hilarious bad dates that ensue when she starts getting everyone to set her up with anyone even remotely eligible. The hot priest helps out. Her family members help out. She tries internet dating. When she is stood up on one of those dates, she is improbably rescued by the nearly-mute lobsterman who moors next to her brother. And with remarkably little conversation, a series of overnights ensues.

The development of the main and secondary characters is excellent (as good as _Just One_ if not better). The depiction of a very small town in Maine is equally good. In the background, as in _Just One_, the parents of the heroine are in the process of dissolving their marriage -- sort of. The contrast between a long-time relationship falling apart as Our Heroine attempts to forge a new and lasting relationship is well-developed, but if Higgins continues with this pattern, I'm going to wonder if she's trying to make some unsubtle point about how living a lie around your kids can halt their development. Which seems a bit heavy handed.

In any event, really good stuff. I now have to decide whether to get Higgins remaining book in paper, or wait and hope it, too, arrives on kindle someday.

ETA: TitleTrader has _Fools Rush In_. Problem Solved.

Monday visit to have the incision checked, weight check, etc.

The issue is that part of the incision is not healing completely (granular tissue visible at the surface, not being covered by skin), because when the closing was done, things weren't lined up quite right. The current strategy is a wait-and-see involving gauze and a couple rounds of hydrogen peroxide per day, with a follow up check in a weekish.

A. is up to 9 pounds 7 ounces (give or take due to a paper diaper); she's gaining about an ounce a day. No feeding problems, apparently. Altho when I looked in the mirror this evening I was startled to realize my face looks noticeably different. Tandem nursing _really_ pulls it out of a mother.