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September 24th, 2008

no baby yet

The kitchen floor is really dirty. Hmmm.

Relevant paragraph:

"We have proposed a program to remove troubled assets from the system -- a program we analyzed internally for months, and had hoped would never be necessary," Paulson said. "Under our proposal, we would use market mechanisms available to small banks, credit unions and thrifts across the country."

Months, hunh? Well, that implies that all along, as he was telling us all the previous measures were working Just Great and the Economy was All Ducky, he was Lying. Why, precisely, should we believe him now?
Tomorrow morning I go in for blood work and so forth; Friday is the section. While things _might_ change and happen sooner in a less surgical way, I am not particularly expecting that outcome. And if that does happen, I probably still won't be posting much if any.