September 19th, 2008

ultrasound update

This ultrasound tech was incredibly friendly and informative compared to the tech back in Seattle when we did this about the same time for T.

Lots of measurements: femur, abdomen. Attempts to measure fluid failed because everywhere there was a pocket of fluid there was cord, too. But we weren't worried about fluid, no, we were not. Heart rate, as always, totally normal at about 150 with enough variation to be reassuring. Tapping on the glass eventually coaxed some diaphragm movement, which is to say, practice breathing. R. sez that as long as there are hiccups, that has to qualify as the same kind of movement; diaphragm is diaphragm, right?

Since the last prenatal, when I was sooooo upset to learn that A.'s heart was heard right of the center line (dammit!), there have been hiccups on both sides of the center line and I've been able to identify when she switches sides. (And let me tell you, _that_ feels weird.) This morning, she was firmly LOT, both by hiccup while registering, and on the screen about 15 minutes later. It was very hard to get a head measurement, because she's so far down in the pelvis. The placenta looks good (some calcification, but nothing concerning). Estimate based on the BPP overall is that we're 40 weeks 6 days (compatible with the ongoing theory that our dates were off by about a week), and that this kid is 9 lbs 4 oz +/- 22 oz, IIRC. I'm betting on the minus side, pretty hard.

R. was not concerned (and, in classic R. fashion, was mostly annoyed that I was); I am feeling much, much better about this and would be willing to entertain the idea of waiting past 42 weeks. I'm not entirely certain how much past 42 weeks; probably not more than few days.

Toddler Fun: piano

T. is behind me in the dining room. He is sitting on the piano bench and pulled down one of the song-books and opened it up (to the About the Authors page, ironically) and is now playing on the piano. He sits nice and straight, uses both hands and is being gentle and precise. It's not a song he's playing, per se, but if you weren't listening, nothing about the posture or anything would indicate that he wasn't doing it exactly the way papa does, right down to periodically peering closely at the page.

This should be fun to watch over the next few weeks.

Toddler Fun: Balance Bike, hey, try not to do the crazy crazy

Today, T. was doing what he did yesterday, which is coast the balance bike down the driveway. Initially, he seemed happy scaring the bejeepers out of B., who was just learning that he could do this. Later on, he extended that fun by scaring the bejeepers out of _me_ and R., because he started experimenting with _not slowing down_. He ran into the stone wall (as in, turned into the back-around, went over the little sandpile and rammed into the classic New England stone wall). He ran into the propane tank. He ran into the Fit.

This is ridiculous. He never hurt himself particularly (not even as much of a scrape as yesterday, and those didn't even bleed), but we're like, dude, put your feet down and slow down before you hit something. R. showed him the handbrake, but we're not convinced his hand is big enough to use it yet. We started actively praising him when he turned uphill to slow down before hitting something, or put his feet down to Fred-Flintstone brake, or dodge an obstacle or whatever. This seemed to influence his choices (altho maybe he was just running out of new things to experiment with hitting to see if those were fun ways to stop).

I shudder to think what's next.