September 13th, 2008

history of pediatrics

I went looking for a history of pediatrics and was not too impressed by what I found. (Any suggestions welcome!) _Nurturing Children_ was $110 over on Amazon, and I couldn't find it anywhere for less than $58 which irritated me. However, questia had it online, so I bought a year of questia for about $75; we shall see what I think of this over time.

As I am reading _Nurturing Children_, I am amused to see condescending little remarks like this on page 22:

"Some cultures even today apply two drops of freshly expressed milk into each eye four times a day to treat uncomplicated conjunctivitis."

And let me just say now, yay, Questia, for allowing me to cut and paste.

Like, _in our culture_, people use freshly expressed milk to treat uncomplicated conjunctivitis (hadn't ever heard of any particular dosing, tho).