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September 9th, 2008

He took a look at me after waving, and said, "Coming along." I replied that today was the due date and he said, "I'll boil some water."

Very traditional. :-)

WTI closed below $105

Specifically, $103.26.

My personal interpretation is still that at this point, the fear is demand destruction, not loss of supply due to Ike and tag-alongs in the GOM. However, everyone _else_ seems to think it's about a strong dollar. To which I merely note, only because everyone else caught what we've been suffering from and their currencies finally are reflecting it.

paternal age and bipolar


I wouldn't do anything different, but on top of our already-increased risk in immediate family, kind of a bummer.

no baby yet, still not ascended, etc.

Next prenatal is tomorrow; I'll be asking for a referral for an acupuncturist. I've got a line on one in Londonderry but that's a bit of a haul and I don't know if she does past-due-date stuff.