September 4th, 2008

comments on Palin from Wasilla

This is a really neat letter, that matches fairly well with what I've been piecing together elsewhere. In particular, I'd like to draw attention to the population of Wasilla at the time she was elected mayor: about 5000. She was mayor from 1996-2002. The 2000 census, according to wikipedia, has the population at 5469, and the town was growing pretty fast through the 1990s (about 30% over the course of the decade according to Wasilla's town website). So 5000 is not a lowball estimate.

I'd like to draw attention to the fact that the teeny tiny little town in New England that I live in is almost exactly the same size. We are a -town- not a city. We don't have a Mayor. We have a Board of Selectmen and a Town Meeting. The closest parallel I can think of to Palin's job in town, as near as I can tell by squinting really hard, would be R., who is secretary to the Board of Selectmen. I'm always impressed by R.'s competence, grit, etc. I've been known to refer to her as Queen of Brookline, because if you want something done around here, she's definitely the person who knows how to get it done and you really don't want her opposing you. The idea of R. as Governor of New Hampshire? Probably do a reasonable job. As vice-president? Really? That's pushing it just a bit too far.

The letter describes Palin's efforts to fire the town librarian because the librarian wouldn't go along with her efforts to ban some books. I'll give you a minute to recover from that; it's a bit of a heart stopper, I know. Having been involved in local town politics involving a librarian who isn't the librarian any more, I can certainly understand that disputes over a library can really cause lasting ill feeling. I can further imagine that in some situations, there'd be retribution, altho I can't really say I experienced any personally (I didn't win election as a trustee, but I'm fully prepared to chalk that up to me being newer in town than any of the other candidates and less well-connected in general).

I'd really like to at least be able to _respect_ a woman candidate for vice-president, even if she violates what I refer to as my "single issue" (choice).

But I can't say that I do. I do think we should fear her. She's a capable political fighter. Worry about her.

no baby yet, still not ascended, etc.

And the next prenatal appointment is the day after my due date.

I _so_ don't want to have to go it. I am equally convinced I'll be going to that one and probably another one. *sigh*

My blood pressure continues to be quite spectacularly wonderful.