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09:32 pm: _Bonk_, by Mary Roach
10:57 pm: Toddler Fun: musical beds Part 3
11:00 pm: fish oil - 1 comment
11:19 pm: despite the unbelievable punnerificness of the possibilities - 1 comment
11:18 am: of teenage mamas, their parents, and family values
03:44 pm: child care
07:26 pm: west texas closed below $110
09:06 pm: rubella, roe v wade and placenta impenetrability
10:13 pm: blind spots
04:31 pm: Steingraber's tour of prenatal care - 1 comment
02:37 pm: just saw a clip of Susan Eisenhower
03:10 pm: comments on Palin from Wasilla - 1 comment
10:29 pm: Gail Collins NYT op-ed on Sarah Palin
11:31 pm: no baby yet, still not ascended, etc. - 3 comments
05:29 pm: _The Unnatural History of the Nanny_, Jonathan Gathorne-Hardy
05:50 pm: Toddler Fun: Dentist! - 1 comment
06:00 pm: WTI etc. continue to drop
08:54 am: _Having Faith_, Sandra Steingraber - 2 comments
08:32 pm: _Birth_, Tina Cassidy - 2 comments
11:39 am: Toddler Fun: the beat goes on in musical beds
01:03 pm: the Third Rhetra of Lycurgus, midwives and What's Wrong with our Medical System
05:11 pm: _Mainstreaming Midwives_, edited by Robbie Davis-Floyd and Christine Barbara Johnson
07:57 pm: limited answers to who is taking care of that baby
08:08 pm: WTI
10:27 pm: reading _Richistan_ - 1 comment
06:09 pm: said hi to the across-the-street neighbor - 1 comment
06:57 pm: WTI closed below $105
10:58 pm: paternal age and bipolar
10:59 pm: no baby yet, still not ascended, etc.
04:54 pm: prenatal canceled, A.'s arrival still delayed until further notice, not ascended yet - 1 comment
06:58 pm: Energy Fun: WTI continues to drop and a scandal at Interior
09:09 pm: _Richistan_, Robert Frank (kindle)
09:46 pm: can I please _pound_ the next person who talks about not spending the principal?
01:34 pm: WTI around noon below $!02 - 1 comment
07:19 pm: bassinet recall expanding? or, why we view graco with deep suspicion
10:10 pm: tenant overstaying lease, landlady has started to take action
11:12 pm: doc in a box mystery - 6 comments
12:09 pm: fertility patterns in the US - 1 comment
02:30 pm: effectiveness of well-baby care - 3 comments
05:16 pm: history of pediatrics
12:59 pm: savings associated with getting rid of the/a car
05:17 pm: tenant continues to overstay lease
05:29 pm: so much for too big to fail
10:35 pm: easy money
11:39 pm: netting didn't go so well
06:02 pm: no baby yet, book group canceled, child care canceled
06:16 pm: the grinch may have stolen back to school season. . .
06:40 pm: _The Memory of Running_, Ron McLarty - 1 comment
01:54 pm: no baby yet
03:10 pm: Companies Not to Hire
11:00 am: no baby yet, acupuncture and prenatal coming up today
11:43 am: complaining about the people I (want to) agree with - 4 comments
07:46 pm: _Three in a Bed_, Deborah Jackson - 3 comments
08:30 pm: not in labor, thus, no baby
09:45 pm: medical home article at NEJM
10:37 pm: WTI back up, everything else down - 1 comment
10:44 am: WTI up more (above $100 right now), no baby
10:58 am: Improving Job Performance By Changing the Job Description - 1 comment
11:11 am: flu shots for pregnant women! Oh, _that's_ a good idea
11:54 am: they made a _movie_ of WTO/Seattle?
05:58 pm: that photo meme - 1 comment
06:52 pm: Toddler Fun: Balance Bike
12:09 pm: ultrasound update
06:27 pm: Toddler Fun: piano
10:13 pm: Toddler Fun: Balance Bike, hey, try not to do the crazy crazy
09:44 am: no baby yet
03:15 pm: _House Lust_, Daniel McGinn
09:54 pm: here's a little suggestion for you
10:12 pm: a little coverage of the bailout
10:39 pm: Hank and Ben: Dick's new hand puppets - 2 comments
10:29 am: WaPo article about Cindy's Little Drug Problem - 1 comment
10:39 am: tiny indications that people are smelling the fumes of turdishness
10:52 am: in case it's not totally obvious: no baby yet
10:59 am: Toddler Fun: Smoke Alarms
08:45 pm: _And Baby Makes Three_, John Gottman, Julie Schwartz Gottman
11:03 pm: best politician-with-little-kid-photo EVER - 1 comment
10:52 am: Bad Bailout, No Biscuit
04:50 pm: no baby, prenatal update - 2 comments
10:12 am: no baby yet
08:58 pm: since I haven't been posting today. . . no baby yet
10:37 am: no baby yet
03:21 pm: how long Hank has had this plan in his back pocket
08:53 pm: no baby yet -- don't expect many if any posts over the next few days
04:39 pm: 5:30 a.m. - 5 comments
03:56 pm: A. update: potentially TMI - 5 comments
09:38 pm: Toddler Fun: Sibling!
09:48 pm: colds and nursing TMI
01:41 pm: Breastfeeding TMI - 2 comments