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04:19 pm: foreclosure auctions in California
04:40 pm: Auction Rates, Still More: Citi, Fraud, TBA
05:07 pm: NYT: always good for a chuckle - 1 comment
10:35 pm: gas math: a year of bicycling
01:29 am: sunk costs and SUVs
03:16 pm: Surprise!
09:40 pm: threshhold effects
11:19 pm: sunk costs vs. sustainability - 3 comments
11:49 pm: knotty policy problem de jour, courtesy the NYT
09:09 pm: In Which We Did Not Die
11:18 am: I love convergence
11:43 pm: a sane voice in the wilderness: stop the PSA testing madness at 75
12:02 am: prenatal update
12:34 am: In Which I Will Probably Piss Everyone Off
11:54 am: last night's daily show, Oedipus, and Barbara
12:08 pm: health care musings
12:48 am: a word about scheduling
01:02 pm: one of the most fun things about that excitement in Seattle
09:28 pm: _Clinical Decision Making_, David M. Eddy
09:56 pm: doctors who don't like crises, and doctors whose ancestors include doctors
11:46 am: _now_ I'm sorry I posted about pneumonia
12:43 pm: section 8 coverage continues at the NYT - 1 comment
08:05 pm: a little excitement about a book
11:36 am: why not to watch CNBC, and other punditry on the subject of oil
12:09 pm: don't read mortgage paperwork
12:18 pm: politcs: skip if bored; everyone will anyway
08:39 pm: Auction Rates, Still More: UBS settles, and an answer
09:18 pm: Last Friday, no FDIC announcements
09:40 pm: PSA testing, obesity: news catches up with a decade plus of solid research
12:13 pm: _No Place Like Home_, Karen Buhler-Wilkerson - 1 comment
12:42 pm: amazing how unbelievably stupid smart people can be
01:04 pm: What does "I'm not me" mean?
01:09 am: got one of those invisible fences? - 2 comments
12:28 pm: she hates medical care in the US, yes, we know already
01:06 pm: _Old Age in a New Age_, Beth Baker - 1 comment
01:49 pm: more cheap shots at the suffering American consumer - 4 comments
01:09 am: early b-day present for T.
01:47 am: tummy time blog entry at Newsweek
01:58 am: (no subject)
12:59 pm: smokers and elective, cosmetic surgery
08:40 pm: a promising small sign
10:12 pm: of insurance and regulation
10:29 pm: ah, more room!
12:13 am: _The Scientification of Love_ and _The Farmer and the Obstetrician_ by Michel Odent - 5 comments
11:22 am: ISP wackitude
11:38 pm: mice, moisturizers and sodium laureth sulfate (and possibly mineral oil)
12:19 am: making sense of the senseless - 3 comments
11:28 pm: July/August MoJo: an article on Medicare Part D and an article on oil speculators
11:15 am: a little late in the season
12:52 am: _The Poisonwood Bible_, Barbara Kingsolver (first half only)
01:26 am: a sidelight on forgiveness
01:43 am: one final comment: on mothers screwing up their children
06:16 pm: Nora Roberts, Irish Trilogy
11:06 am: ah those good ole boys and their little pranks
11:15 am: HPV vaccines, redux
12:00 pm: quitting and decision making - 1 comment
12:27 pm: decision-making and the GSEs - 1 comment
01:42 pm: a little excitement about a book, redux
11:41 pm: _The Family Bed_, Tine Thevenin
05:21 pm: stimulus checks, the price of gas and how much we collectively drove this summer
12:28 am: _If You've Raised Kids, You Can Manage Anything_, Ann Crittenden - 3 comments
01:08 am: what does integrity mean? - 2 comments
12:01 am: _The Motherhood Manifesto_, Joan Blades and Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner
07:30 pm: Boston Globe: Baby Planners! - 3 comments
08:01 pm: home repair woes
11:11 pm: Toddler Fun: a paragraph, and a new bed
11:27 pm: consumption services - 3 comments
02:00 pm: more Bright Ideas from the medical community - 5 comments
06:29 pm: more kindle commentary
06:53 pm: how many e-books in circulation
10:44 am: 38 weeks and counting: still not ascended, no baby yet
10:53 am: What's 900 million between friends?
09:50 pm: I don't hate _all_ medical research/new treatment ideas
12:21 pm: no baby yet, still not ascended, etc.
12:58 pm: "opt out" revolution broken down by advanced degree - 2 comments
01:09 pm: Toddler Fun: new child care
07:50 pm: antipsychotics and stroke risks: another easy opportunity to carp about medical care
08:17 pm: Alabama state employees health insurance cost sharing - 1 comment
04:15 pm: not ruler of the universe, not ascended, no baby yet - 1 comment
12:20 am: the book in the mail was _Know Your Child_
09:25 pm: _The Political Life of Medicare_, Jonathan Oberlander
11:29 pm: common question: does T. know what to expect? - 5 comments
11:37 am: miscellaneous dippiness; no baby yet, not ascended yet, not master of the universe yet
11:51 am: bicycling realtors
03:49 pm: Worst Article So Far on the prepping a toddler for a new baby
04:10 pm: Talaris article about older sib/new baby
04:20 pm: Toddler Fun: musical beds
10:35 pm: Toddler Fun: musical beds redux