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01:03 pm: of mortgages and giraffes
05:50 pm: MSM plugging conservation rather than increased supplies?!?
06:04 pm: gas math - 3 comments
07:25 pm: _The Dirt on Clean_, Katherine Ashenburg
10:58 am: Bad Banks, No Biscuit
11:16 am: foreclosure moratoriums
12:02 pm: more gas math
12:22 pm: house math - 4 comments
01:35 pm: obama, telecom bill, etc. - 2 comments
01:44 pm: excuse me?
11:18 am: _Paying with Plastic_, by David S. Evans, Richard Schmalensee - 2 comments
12:25 pm: miracles _do_ occur: BLM lifted its freeze
11:11 pm: the every few years credit report binge
10:25 pm: after a weekish of daily afternoon thunderstorms
10:31 pm: inventory report, and that ECB rate hike - 2 comments
11:28 pm: Starbucks closing stores and actually good commentary on bubbliciousness - 1 comment
11:57 pm: it's not NYT; it's Floyd Norris; and hey! check out the dirt on auction rates
08:26 pm: the mysterious disappearing Saturday, and pineapple upside down cake
01:10 pm: pineapple, tomato = reflux
04:03 pm: we have survived to 4 p.m. - 1 comment
05:21 pm: real estate, gas, and I'm going to have to stop reading Seattle Bubble - 8 comments
12:46 am: fannie, freddie, $75 billion in new capital, wuh hunh?
02:45 pm: Cipro can cause tendon problems !?! Really !?! I mean, like I had _no_ idea. . .
03:32 pm: AAP's committee on nutrition is at it again - 1 comment
04:09 pm: Toddler Fun: Nap
04:11 pm: anyone around here remember fen-phen?
04:40 pm: LA Times Blogger with photos of Curitiba
05:15 pm: QOTD: Let's hope we're all wealthy and retired. . .
05:50 pm: weird coincidence involving section 8, and toddler fun at Target
01:36 pm: CSAs make it to the NYT
11:13 pm: _You Slay Me_, Katie MacAlister
02:46 pm: interesting commentary on prepayment penalties - 2 comments
02:54 pm: QOTD: "there are certain boys in many city..."
03:57 pm: flipper has been head down for a while now
04:44 pm: innumeracy in the lead (where? oh, you can guess) - 2 comments
08:30 pm: FDIC, IndyMac and news
10:53 pm: Fannie and Freddie in the line of fire
12:00 am: still more gas math - 1 comment
12:42 pm: still more gas math, well, analysis
11:02 pm: DCU pre-approval process online
12:02 am: heating in the northeast
11:10 am: How _Cheap_ Oil Destroyed Suburbia and "Restored" City Life - 1 comment
01:19 pm: renting a car? - 3 comments
01:38 pm: do you know these people?
05:41 pm: _Cash for your Trash_, Carl A. Zimring
06:00 pm: Raj Patel, Evan Kleiman, AfterWords on C-Span
11:23 am: the question the punditry _should_ have been asking
11:39 am: Fosamax might be causing bone problems
06:30 pm: still more gas math
10:30 am: boomer woes
11:03 am: what to teach the next generation about money?
12:12 am: more retirement hand-wringing - 2 comments
12:58 am: really cool charts
10:24 am: I live in a small town with no crime to speak of. Redux
11:11 am: How to Apologize
06:05 pm: oil! Oil! West Texas below $130!
11:13 pm: La Nora, or, I want some trashy reading I don't have to pay for
04:33 pm: for the record, I really _like_ shabu shabu
07:28 pm: guilty pleasures, "Wake Up Call"
08:59 pm: can't get any money out of your SUV? wait till you try to get a decent mpg car - 1 comment
10:48 pm: risk charts, a big more about the New Old Age and the old man's friend
12:35 am: Toddler Fun: Costco
03:45 pm: _Valiant_, Jack Campbell (kindle)
04:01 pm: _From Dead to Worse_, Charlaine Harris (kindle)
04:10 pm: BPL book club pick, _Sky Burial_, Xinran Xue (kindle)
08:47 pm: _Natural Born Charmer_, Susan Elizabeth Phillips
10:00 pm: Birds: in the playset and trotting around the yard
10:19 pm: doctors and decision making, or, our money and our lives
11:26 pm: CO2 = CO2. Really. Source doesn't matter.
11:05 am: The Grinch Will Steal Back to School Season
11:42 am: What Precisely _IS_ the job of a regulator?
11:57 am: critical mass on the Morgenson article
01:57 pm: what to teach the next generation about money? redux
09:29 pm: Economy Fun: nice article in the Financial Times
10:47 pm: Diana Korte, _The VBAC Companion_ - 2 comments
12:20 am: patient abandonment
12:14 am: minor self-revelation
12:01 pm: best interview quote EVER
01:17 pm: Plastic Surgery, or, I'm not a very tolerant person - 1 comment
04:01 pm: Toddler Fun: Why We Do Not Run Errands
11:47 pm: Fun with RMBS, or, that whole mortgage mess
11:29 am: It's All Cultural, or, more from the New Old Age blog at NYT
06:00 pm: CT scan coverage continues
06:08 pm: rambling about regulation
07:19 pm: the downside of saving on gas with a scooter
08:44 pm: Shockingly Supportive Article of Involved/Attached Parenting After 18
11:55 am: of bugaboos and walkers - 1 comment
08:34 pm: FLDS update: they've turned themselves in
10:32 am: Toddler Fun: Blood on the Basement Floor
11:00 am: the _real_ reason people don't want to carpool
11:17 am: more of the same: patients don't trust their doctors
11:46 am: never mind Peter and Paul, why is there a surplus in the Public Transit fund?
07:18 pm: chosen family, legal rights and, yet again, the New Old Age
11:28 am: just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, er, real estate - 1 comment
12:51 pm: Oh no! We _like_ Lull Farm!
07:13 pm: Obamanomics, according to Boskin
11:06 pm: lead? in AstroTurf? - 3 comments
11:20 pm: capital gains exclusion on the sale of a house
11:50 pm: Long ago, Back in May - 1 comment
09:42 pm: _Nobody's Home_ by Thomas Edward Gass