June 26th, 2008

more about that toy, the Verizon Centro

You may ask, why not an iPhone?

To which I would answer, like we freaking _have_ AT&T coverage in bf, nh, aka Brookline, NH. If we _did_, I might still be using my previous Treo Phone. *sigh*

I dug out the Treo Phone, because I was curious about the size (the specs are remarkably similar, and there is this weird deja vu using blazer again; the email syncs in the same moderately unexpected but workable way, etc.). Obviously, the Centro is smaller than the old Treo phone -- but I think the weights must be nearly identical.

Of course, the Treo phone didn't have a color screen (and the later Palm with color screen was quite heavy), much less a built in camera. I was wondering whether I'd be able to get at the photos taken with that camera. I am pleased to report no problems, you can see for yourself in the new userpic. The subject of the userpic is adequate explanation for why I had time to actually figure out how to use the camera.

ETA: Why a smartphone at all? Particularly if we really do move, why not just stick with what I have until I'm in a place with Real Coverage? The answer there is convoluted. With the acquisition of the ASUS EEE for travel, I wanted something that would let me connect via EVDO. I _could_ have gotten a USB EVDO card, but a variety of people thought a smart phone I could tether would be (a) cool, because then I'd have a smartphone and (b) cheaper. Well, the answer to (b) is, as if the phone companies would give up a dollar under any circumstances. It was a complete wash on the monthly charges to swap the card for a phone with a data plan and the ability to tether. OTOH, I now have only one cellular account, so possibly I'll save enough on the Mystery Fees to make up for it. I also reduced my voice minutes and eliminated the messaging which I never use, which is, over the course of a year, about the same amount as the out-of-pocket cost of the phone, which I bought retail and got the warranty for a one year plan, rather than 2 years, so I can basically revisit this whole thing in a year.

I have not yet tried tethering it to anything. I've been busy running through the phone work? voicemail work? camera work? syncing work? sending email work? browsing the web work? process. Needless to say, I ran up against a sync problem shortly after getting email up and running. Google, my friend google, pointed me at the right box to check. Next step would have been calling Palm, but I was reluctant to do that because I had vague unpleasant memories of trying to get problems addressed with Palm back when I had recently acquired the wifi-enabled palm (I used to know what it was called).

This morning, our guests (niece and mother-in-law) decided (well, niece decided) that if I was up and running around opening windows so the painters could do trim, then she could go hang out by T. and encourage him in his wakefulness. Usually, I put him back to sleep, rather than getting up at the unholy and entirely uncalled for hour of 7:30 a.m. I told her repeatedly not to wake him up, and she kept saying he's awake already. Then she seemed to resent the fact that I gave her crap about it throughout the day. If only I really _believed_ she'd learn the correct lesson from this (do not freaking make me get up that early in the morning). But I suspect she'll just decide she was justified and I was unreasonable. She's reminding me more and more every year of an entire category of people who I cannot stand to be around. Very beautiful. Absolutely charming. Highly volatile emotionally and permanently convinced that people should be doing things her way (hey, I sympathize) and fully prepared to pout for hours when that doesn't happen (that, I'm less sympathetic about).