June 20th, 2008

what happened to Thursday?

I'm a little confused. It's Friday. There _must_ have been a Thursday. Maybe I can reconstruct it.

(1) More house painting, including a couple trips to assess the red for the garage (first time waaaay too light; second time lighter than the current stain, but good).

(2) TV delivery: the 46" for R.'s b-day/father's day arrived. Huge. But cool. Seems to work. Some reviews said it was great and then died during the first week. I figure if we make it through the next few days, I'll quit worrying.

(3) Yard guys arrived, because it was Thursday. Fortunately, they figured out a way to deal with painters without my involvement.

I called the electrician, who today came out and put in the circuit for the freezer in the basement. The freezer in the basement appears to work, which is good, because our first CSA pickup is Saturday. I'm hoping to start doing some serious cooking/freezer stocking in the next few weeks in preparation for post-partum no-time-to-cook. With T., we thought we'd actually lined up a cook for those months, but she got sick around the time I had T., and then quit returning our calls and just basically disappeared. Discouraging, to say the least.

This time, I'm going to have a stocked freezer, and hope it doesn't break, or the power doesn't die and the generator fail to work or any of the other things that could conceivably go wrong with a freezer full of food.

I think Thursday must have largely involved hanging around the house waiting for people who needed about 2 and a half minutes of my time. Well, and keeping T. from doing anything really loopy.

I may also have been reading FlyerTalk, which is a horrible, but fascinating, waste of time.

ETA: Oh, yeah. I remember now. For some reason that currently escapes me, I decided to sweep the mudroom. The painters had moved the contents around in order to paint (they put them back relatively well, but you know how it goes), and it was really obvious how badly it needed to be swept. T. was sitting in the BOB with no major jones to do anything, so I imposed order (returned toys to bins, balls to bin, reassembled partially fallen apart shoe rack, minimized cardboard boxes, etc), then started sweeping. It was a much longer process than I anticipated. By the end of it, I just sat down and waited for R. to arrive home, at which point we got take-out because I had no particular dinner plan (well, _I_ was going to have pancakes and berries, but I didn't know what anyone else was going to eat).

ETA2: And I folded laundry and brought in diapers from the line (carefully checking each and every item for wasps). This is, ultimately, why housework is so depressing. You can spend hours on it, and never quite remember what exactly it was you did.

ETA3: I also unpacked the valet/charging station I got for R. (nominally) from KangaRooM. The little holes are too small for the charger cord for the Treo to pass through. Lame. Otherwise, a nifty item, and one which R. appears to have wholeheartedly adopted, once I set it up and started loading the stuff he leaves on the bar into it.

freezer + electricity = cold

We're testing it right now (thermometer placed inside says zero degrees; there's water in there freezing right now), but shortly, I will be able to start the next segment of this particular project: cooking vast quantities of food to eat in a few months after A. is born. I'll be trying to make that work with the buy-local-and-freeze-for-later efforts (the freezer having been bought with twin purposes in mind).

I've been wrestling with some lists of tasks/shopping lists in the service of this goal, and the whole thing is sufficiently complex that I think I'm going to wade in slowly by cooking doubles and triples of things for the next couple weeks, before really going for it. I think today's will be chicken under biscuit.

a Fit? a Prius? some other small car


Short form: SUVs aren't selling. Cars in general aren't selling, but small cars -- especially hybrids -- are
selling so fast dealers can't keep enough around to satisfy demand. Some of the quotes are interesting. One guy noted that the gas savings would pay for the car insurance.

It wasn't so long ago that I was seeing articles about how Prii wouldn't pay for their premium in gas unless gas got to some stinking high level (which we've probably passed by now; I didn't pay that close attention). Some of the demand in London and LA is due to rules (some of which have no expired) about what hybrids can do (avoid paying congestion fees, ride in HOV lanes with no addl passengers) that distort pricing. But I do find it entertaining that if you _wait_ until it makes _economic sense_ to buy something, you then have to compete with everyone else.

Whereas if you catch the trend _before_ it makes "economic sense", you don't have that competitive hassle.

Yet another reason why I don't much care for economic arguments. At least the dumb ones.

Should I take off on a riff about just exactly how supply often lags demand -- badly -- or just leave that as an exercise?