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12:16 am: still woefully ill
12:02 pm: how not to do stimulus
01:34 pm: You'd think Bloomberg could do leads better than _this_. . . - 3 comments
03:51 pm: still sick, still wasting time online
09:36 pm: still sick, still wasting time online - 1 comment
11:33 am: husband with NOT engorged dog tick = bad - 4 comments
04:19 pm: Asus EEE arrived
04:41 pm: Back on the "desktop replacement" laptop
05:13 pm: comparing incomparables - 1 comment
07:07 pm: short sales redux
09:20 pm: looooong day: colds, tick, dishwasher
12:41 am: timing the market
09:24 pm: that stuff, you know, that rolls downhill: real estate musings
10:11 pm: file under barn door, locking, after horse's departure: how to assess a refi - 2 comments
12:36 am: NYTimes article on the mini-notebook trend
01:08 am: gems from BabyCenter - 2 comments
01:24 am: water, water, everywhere (plenty to drink)
12:38 pm: Today Show on salt
11:07 am: Toy Computer redux: Apricorn EZ Writer arrived
12:18 pm: muggy + hot = bad tempered me
12:20 pm: that hypothetical trip to Florida, and a few comments about _Vinyl Leaves_
12:59 pm: Florida Real Estate: DVC Part 1
01:37 pm: Florida Real Estate: DVC Part 2
02:17 pm: Tokenization: DVC Part 3
02:57 pm: Not-a-Double-Stroller
04:52 pm: It's Sunday: that means the leak in the basement is serious
12:46 am: things that make me want to kick someone
10:30 am: _One Foot in the Grave_, Jeaniene Frost
11:08 am: birds in the playset
04:08 pm: Flip Mino arrived
01:35 pm: DVC 4: Another crack at valuation
10:48 am: Why I Don't Like Economic Arguments
11:25 am: Why DIY? - 3 comments
08:46 pm: one Britax Vigour theoretically headed my way
09:14 pm: open houses
11:01 am: Toddler Fun: We Don't Need No Stinking Climbing Wall!
11:08 am: Washington Post series on the housing boom/bust/aftermath
11:52 am: Railing at the economists: coverage of gas thefts/thieves - 1 comment
12:47 pm: Of Bikes, Pipes and the Gurgling Goodness
11:38 pm: _Vinyl Leaves_ by Stephen M. Fjellman
12:30 am: heritage USA, het land van ooit and future European trips
11:44 am: plausible deniability, exotic loans and pulling off bandages - 4 comments
12:55 pm: travel, or, I have friends who are _so much_ better than me
07:58 pm: The Cost of Flying
09:46 pm: Stroller Update: Britax Vigour arrived
12:17 pm: what happened to Thursday?
05:15 pm: freezer + electricity = cold
10:15 pm: a Fit? a Prius? some other small car
01:39 am: the joys of sitting up, oh, and bananas
10:21 am: freezer working well
11:27 am: _Fatal Misconception_, Matthew Connelly
01:28 pm: book selection heuristics
01:44 pm: IUDs - 8 comments
07:10 pm: _Worst-Case Scenarios_, Cass R. Sunstein, to page 135
07:35 pm: what a really good book about decision making ought to explain
08:54 pm: tortillas
10:36 am: Bezos on the Conversation
10:38 am: Elizabeth Pisani, _The Wisdom of Whores_ - 1 comment
11:18 am: the inadvertant reading list for bureaucratic mishandling of Serious Issues
12:20 pm: The People Will Do the Easy Thing Approach to Policy - 3 comments
05:23 pm: more toys
06:05 pm: more about that toy, the Verizon Centro
12:43 am: best real estate website ever
01:09 pm: pregnancy week by week complaints - 3 comments
08:12 pm: and now for something completely different: MTV - 1 comment
09:04 pm: demography, revisited - 2 comments
09:55 pm: _Financing the American Dream_, Lendol Calder
11:34 am: food and fuel
12:03 pm: just stick it way offshore and no one will notice
05:57 pm: more yammering about refis
06:26 pm: DVC update