May 14th, 2008

Economy Fun: CNBC Desperation Cheerleading, with a bit of politics at the end

Power Lunch has this bizarre and amazing, see, it's _not_ going to be a recession! cheerleading session going on.

Meanwhile, in the real world, oil has "pulled back" to $124.90.

Look, just because the retailers didn't post as horrific a quarter as everyone was expecting, does _not_ mean that life on Main Street is lovely. Much less that Wall Street is in great shape, given how bad the reserves balances still look.

Off to go read up on this special election in Mississippi.

ETA: Yup, as I figured. All that money. All that campaigning. All this excitement for a special election in _May_ for a seat that will be up for grabs again in _November_.

Lots of excitement about how this is three special election seats lost by the GOP, how this is a Super Safe district (went for Bush by 25 points in the 2004 election), Darth Vader and Mrs. Bush both helping the loser's campaign, etc. etc.

ETA2: Anti-choice, pro-gun rights, this guy is definitely conservative. I'm unclear on what a chancery clerk is. Funniest bit so far: he owns a realty office.

Unless that's a different Travis Childers in Mississippi.

Toddler Fun: Nap?!?

T. has not been napping, because I've been cutting short nursing sessions because I just can't stand it right now. At night, not a problem; he flops around and goes to sleep anyway. But the nap is a thing of the past; I think he got one last week. Occasionally he'll fall asleep in the car if we're running errands on the weekend at the right (wrong) time of day.

About five minutes ago, for reasons best known to himself, he laid down on the floor. Since he was kinda looking zombie-like, I turned the volume all the way down on the TV (yay wireless headphones) and seconds later, those eyes were closed and his arms were twitching. Wonder how long this'll last?

We went out on the bike, today, which I think I have not done with him since getting pregnant. I am not in good shape, but we did all right.