March 7th, 2008

toddler fun: one of each letter problem

T. has been spelling words from SuperWhy. One of these words is "wheel", but he only has one of each letter, hence, a problem to be solved.

First solution: whel
Second solution: whe l (he left extra space in the lineup)
Latest solution: wheol

We're really wondering about that. They are upper case letters, so there's no real possibility of confusing the two, and past experience indicates he knows there's an issue here. Which forces us to consider the vastly improbable: this is a phonetic approximation.


What the hell is going on here? I was fully sold on the idea this was see/say or whole word or whatever the non-phonetic thing is. But this really looks like a phonetic choice. And it's _definitely_ a vowel, which hardly seems random, given that he had 22 letters to choose from and only 4 of those are vowels (as many as six, if you really want to push things with the w and y).

Someone needs to tell him he's too young for this, but I am so not prepared to go there.