February 20th, 2008

google maps street view

A yahoo group for my small town recently got to discussing the new street view feature. Because the street numbers don't line up well, my actual address just shows a bunch of trees, however, if you subtract four from the street number and pan to the west side of the street, there's a good view of our garage and shet and a so-so view of the house through some trees. Add two and you see our orchard. Pretty cool stuff. The library is correctly located.

I checked addresses for the house I grew up in, my condo, my sister's old house, my sister's current house and a friend's house, which add up to one Shoreline, WA address, one Seattle, WA address, one Clayton, NC address, one Fairfax, VA address and one Fremont, CA address. None of which have street views for their streets altho there are some views for major streets nearby.

So that's kinda weird; we're some sort of test market? Dunno.

_All Together Dead_, Charlaine Harris and _Devil May Cry_, Sherrilyn Kenyon

Two more series entries. AND I've got hold of _Victory Conditions_ in kindle format. Yay!

In Shakespearean tragedies, at the end, everyone is dead except maybe one guy who does the speech at the end telling the audience the moral to all this death and gore. In Shakespearean comedies, at the end, everyone is married off, sometimes including the guy who does the speech at the end telling the audience the moral to all this bickering, cross-dressing and general carrying on.

Charlaine Harris has cleverly managed both in the latest Sookie Stackhouse entry. You thought a lot of people died in the Sophie's party barn? Ha! The mayhem at the Pyramid in Rhodes (near Chicago) is oh so much better. Why? Let me count the ways. First, you see it coming from a long, long ways off (remember I complained about the luggage? Let's just say it did, indeed, blow up). Second, rather than involving two states worth of vamps, it includes high level vamps from all over, including the original Oracle, aka Ancient Pythoness.

An amazing number of weddings in this entry. There's the delayed double wedding for Portia, Halleigh and their grooms (altho technically, I don't think it actually happens in this book but there is a wedding shower). Then there's Sookie's dim brother marrying Crystal. And then, just as a surprise capper at the end (this would be a spoiler), there's Tara and JB.

Barry the Bellboy reappears (but does not die OR get married, fantasies aside) and makes for an interesting character. It's nice to see Sookie get a chance to really explore the possibilities of her powers.

Fun stuff -- despite the frustrating dippiness of many of the characters -- this is one of the better Stackhouse novels, IMO.

_Devil May Cry_ is, as near as I can tell, outing #11 for Dark-Hunters and once again, this isn't a Dark-Hunter in the strict sense. No, Sin is the ex-fertility god of the Sumerians, last survivor of that pantheon. He's selflessly hunting gallu while everyone else thinks he's a psychotic nutjob. Artemis (who stole his powers, hence the ex- bit) sense Kat off to kill him, but this is a Kenyon novel, so that means they must be Made For Each Other. Acheron gets a turn being Daddy to someone other than Simi, and we learn a bit more about why Acheron doesn't just off Artemis. I was less than impressed by Acheron's explanation of free will and fate; I still think he's being an enabler. Whatever.

Kenyon novels are highly formulaic and I often wonder why I'm slogging through them. Then something happens that makes me laugh my ass off, or something else happens that makes me go, ewwww -- good violence! I don't much approve of the morality implicit in this universe, altho things have improved marginally. Once upon a time, Daimons were teh Evil; they're increasingly humanized. And that's been done with a number of individual Dark-Hunters as well. So that's all to the good. But Kenyon can't seem to let the racially evil thing go; she introduced the gallu and the Dimme in this outing. *shrug*