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February 19th, 2008

kindle woes?

Elizabeth Moon's latest in the Vatta series, which I am now sufficiently hooked on to have bought the last one hardcover when it came out, was just released. The previous entries in the series are available as kindle _but the new one isn't!_

So what should I do? I almost ordered the hardcover, but delayed by instead paying the slightly higher kindle "hardcover" price for the current Sookie Stackhouse and the latest DarkHunter -- I am not reading these at regular hardcover prices, but hate waiting for the paperbacks. I've sent e-mail to amazon in an effort to find out if this is an oversight of some sort.

Weird and frustrating.

Two more Krentz rereads: _The Private Eye_ and _Sweet Fortune_. I'm most of the way through _All Together Dead_ and really, really, really want to hurt someone for (a) not following up on the I-can't-read-the-luggage-handler-guy weirdness plus (b) what's up with all the unreadably labeled luggaged plus (c) security guy not doing job because he's taking meds for the pain for the cancer and (d) not noticing that a were-turned-vamp who is really unhappy might, perhaps, be a security risk.

Come on guys. Wake up.

I do, however, really like the Britlingens. I hope they reappear in later series entries.