January 8th, 2008

Primary Day, cookbook update (beans!)

Here in NH, it's primary day during a presidential election year, which is basically like Christmas and the Super Bowl and the tail end of the World Series all wrapped up in one.

Without the presents and the memorabilia is kinda limited, unless you're _really_ into yard signs.

We went. We voted. We interrupted people who called us to try to get us to vote by telling them we already had.

Then I went down to the library to tackle the W-2s, only to discover I couldn't install the software. *sigh* So I did quarterlies instead, and discovered an error (fortunately a very minor one) in the November payroll (and that had no dollar impact on anyone -- just one of the sheets I print to fill out the quarterlies has a blank where there should have been a number. Oops.). Then I realized, hey, we need a letter for the town report and I don't think anyone has even thought about who should be writing it and I think it's due at the end of the month. With everything else. Gack. So I put together a draft, passed it around to another Trustee (had to stop at one), the Director and other interested parties to get additional input so we'd have something for the meeting to start from.

Oh, yeah, and there's a meeting tonight.


In unrelated news, I have been updating my cookbook. I've removed a recipe or two which I don't use and never will use again. I've been adjusting standards that I have changed in the last months and years and never updated, and putting up recipes that I use now that hadn't been added (beans! And the whole wheat bread recipe).

And now there is a toddler coming down the stairs.