December 1st, 2007

new flagging stuff; molasses cookies; minor cleaning frenzy

Kinda annoying. The intention seems to have been to have no impact, but I never gave a birth year, so it sure had an impact on me. *sigh* So I went in and said I was born in 1901, and then hid it in the public profile. At least that gave me the option of no-collapse.

There's some sort of Christmas Tree lighting ceremony in town, which by rights I should be trying to drag the ACLU in on, but rather than do so, I participated by baking cookies for it. I was going to do my usual blond brownies, but decided instead to get some seasonal cookie cutters (a moose! okay, meese are not seasonal. But snow-person, snow flake, big stocking and ginger bread person are) and try making molasses ginger cookies. I modified the recipe in Beth Kidder's _The Milk Free Kitchen_. That first batch was really tasty but I didn't have the hang of the cookie cutters yet, so I'm saving those for us. The second batch was from Meredith McCarty's _Sweet and Natural_. Those aren't quite as tasty, but are much prettier so I packaged them up for the Christmas Tree lighting. Both recipes were vegan. Before I got to them.

Once the cookies were out of the way (due Sunday), I proceeded to the next bit, which was catching up on laundry (well, R. did most of it, but I did fold and put away) and going through some bins and filling a garbage bag of clothes to donate to someone who is willing to take them.