November 27th, 2007

NaNoWriMo update: chapters 0 and 17 posted

I added a chapter before chapter 1, hence chapter 0.
I wrote the last chapter, chapter 17.
Both are posted on my website.

I'm doooooooonnnnnnneeee.

For now. I'll start editing at some point, but I'm taking a break for at least a few days. I'd like to leave it until January 1, but I doubt I have that much self control.

Want to help with my second novel?

When I wrote Time and Mischance, a lot of my friends helped out by reading a paper copy and marking it up. I got typos. I got grammar fixes. I got requests for clarification. I got some bigger comments.

Time and Mischance at that point was much more polished than Leia At Hazard currently is. But if you'd like to read it, you can find it at my website in all its horribleness. Tell me anything you like. If you want direction, here's what might help me:

(a) Where were you confused?
(b) Where were you bored?
(c) Who did you really dislike?
(d) Who did you want onstage more?
(e) Which bits did you skim over due to lack of interest, distaste or other?

Thanks in advance for even contemplating reading a draft at this early stage. And extra special thanks to the one person who has already read half of it and sent very helpful comments. You know who you are. :-)