November 25th, 2007

partial chapter 13 posted

There may have been some additional problems with version of chapter 10 for a few days. I just looked and I had capitalization issues. :(

Should all be cleaned up now. Infodumpage occurs in chapter 13; sorry about that.

NaNoWriMo update: completed chapter 13; partial 14

Most of 14 is there. So there are now two plot-heavy chapters after The Sexxoring of Chapter 12. Not happy with some of the cliches, but hey, it is what it is. Maybe I'll fix it in the rewrite. Today was a really good day; 6000 words. I now need to average just under 2200 a day to hit 50K on the 30th. Will the story have hit a good stopping point by then?

I sure hope so.

NaNoWriMo update, with a tangent

The following probably qualifies as not particularly work safe, but there are no pictures involved, so who really cares anyway?

I plotted out by chapter the rest of the book to see how much I really have left to write. The short answer is: 5 chapters X 4K per chapter (which is what they've been averaging) = 20K. That's probably a low end estimate and here's why. That's just the plot heavy stuff. And this book is supposed to be a romance novel and an sf novel, and I think it needs a minimum of one more Hot Sexxoring scene. I figured out a good spot for it, wrote part of the lead-in to it, and then sent my happy humpers off to bed for a little sixty-nine.

Now, I know what's involved in sixty-nine, but I feel that a little research is a good thing, if only to muddy the waters a bit regarding what I personally have done and/or enjoyed, and what might be generally known on a topic. Ahem. And in the course of doing a little googling, I noticed some really amazing stuff.

First, you can actually google "oral sex foreskin" and get really useful information that IS NOT porn. Well, depends on your definition of porn. But to return to the topic at hand, I did a little more licking, er, looking around and laughed hysterically at some advice I found on the subject of cunnilingus, then was back at's sexuality subheading and thinking, man, there's some really good information here. I told R. about some of it, and, R. being R., he asked what they had to say about fisting (do NOT think that this means anything about our sex life, other than that we also enjoy discussing what other people do for fun). While had no detailed information about fisting, I did encounter a lovely link labeled Detailed Anal Sex Statistics. You just _have_ to love that, right?

At least, I do.

If you think that's pretty cool too, here's where it leads.

A nifty image gallery using those wooden poseurs that artists use to get the anatomy correct:

Oh, and chapter 15 just got posted and chapter 14 is complete. There's a gap in 15 that may not fill in until the rewrite. I'm now technically completely caught up to getting 50K done by the 30th, as in, if I wrote the 1667 that you'd have to write to do this in 30 days, I'd finish on the right day. Which takes today out of the really good day category and puts it thoroughly into breathtaking, from a word count perspective.

However, the new plot outline sez four chapters left to go, which in practice, is still 16K words. Maybe I can cram it all into three chapters.