November 23rd, 2007

chapter 12, broke 30K, finished _No Plot No Problem_

The book is posted through Chapter 12, which means Radmer and Leia have finally (finally finally! dayam!) done the deed. And of course, in true trashy novel fashion, once they start, they gotta keep going until they drop from exhaustion, wake up in the middle of the night, again in the morning in the shower, come on, you know how this goes.

I'm now past 30K; by my calculations, I can finish if I can average about 2700 words a day; I've been averaging over 3K a day. However, I have a slight problem, in that while I know the basic theme (can Leia adjust to a completely new life off Earth with only a slim hope of ever being able to return home to her own galaxy, much less her not particularly beloved apartment in some unnamed city on the East Coast? Does having a hot new boyfriend help or just complicate her life by introducing a massive age difference? Answers: yes, and yes, but she might need meds to help with the PTSD brought on by being kidnapped by three-legged aliens), and while I have a correctly located in the middle of the book climax (boy, howdy), I do not know how I'm going to wrap this thing up.

Since they've been worrying this thing about Andal to death, I think the remainder of the book will be an even split between Leia developing her new kin-network (Radmer, duh, but also Ysbo, Baylen, the never-to-be-sufficiently-berated-but-irreplaceable Esifwu, Wrinton and of course Dulak) and applying to stay on Hazard indefinitely. The finale will likely include some hackneyed little bit in which Leia realizes that while she may be way younger than Radmer, his/their lives are sufficiently risky (hey, they live on a ship named Hazard) that there's no telling who will ultimately live longer, of if they'll go out in a heroic blaze of glory together. But I've got the discovery that the fossil record on Earth goes back to primates in my back pocket in case they happen to locate Earth. Gotta give them some reason to want to maintain contact/liason/access to the primitive civilization Leia comes from.

In the meantime, whether you ever do NaNoWriMo or not, read _No Plot No Problem_ by Chris Baty. It's short. It's funny. It's amazingly enlightening. I dunno what was in the air in 1999. He decided to write a book in a month a few short months after I churned out a first draft in about four months using some of the same strategies he lays out in NaNoWriMo. His analysis of the phases an author goes through in the course of doing NaNoWriMo turn out to map very well to my process. I no longer need personal explanations for this stuff; I can just chalk it up to The Process and move on to more productive uses of my brain.

I sorta wish I'd read the book before I started the novel. His Magna Carta I (Do's) and II (Don'ts) might have resulted in me choosing a different POV. I pick first person for simplicity -- I can write fastest that way. But I prefer to read third person, in general. *sigh*