October 24th, 2007

playset arrived from cedarworks

Wow, that's a lot of big boxes. Of course today is the day it decides to rain, and it's not supposed to get wet until after it's assembled, or the dowels won't fit into the holes. Possibly they told me this, but I do not recall. In any event, it's now sitting in one bay of the garage (since R. had the Fit at work, and that was dry). I bought a couple of tarps today, one for under and one for over, if we want to move the stuff outside but still at least pretend to keep it dry. I just now found the delivery e-mail. Yup. They told me it had to stay dry. *sigh*

The trees are down. The stumps are gone. Now it's basically a matter of leveling the site, bringing in something that reduces the severe injury risk when falls occur (because you know they will), probably sand or something. Then it's Assemble the Big Puzzle Time. I sure hope it's all there.

Currently just about done with _Breaking Point_, and the last two are sitting on the table since I ordered them used.

I watched _Maxed Out_ a documentary about credit card debt in the US. It's a little disturbing how many of the interviewed folk I recognized by voice (since I was doing some stuff around the house) alone. Greenspan, sure. But Elizabeth Warren? I suppose Christopher Dodd is a gimme in election season. Good show, with a clear message: try to keep the bankruptcy law from being changed (I think it's from '05 or so). I moved _In Debt We Trust_ up to the top of my Netflix queue.

First season of _Holmes on Homes_ on DVD arrived from Amazon. Yum.