August 19th, 2007

Teddy is Two!

I even bought a candle shaped like a two and some crayon shaped candles. I did not, alas, get around to putting them on the cake that I made him, much less trying to get him to blow them out. Maybe in the next week or so.

We went out and tried to buy him a child sized table and chairs and were completely appalled at how horrible the Target ones were. Sticks and Bernie and Phil's didn't have anything (well, some pint-sized arm chairs that were adorable, but not suitable for coloring while sitting in). We'll probably go back to Costco and see if they still have what we saw there months ago or something comparable. We also went to Toyland, where I bought him a couple of Wow toys (Ernie the Fire Engine and the farm playset, the latter of which I have not yet unpacked). The Bob the Builder playset from the KB Toys outlet in Kittery kinda sucks; it didn't assemble well at all, but the red tractor? toy is a big win. I also got him more Playhut, which has gone over well and connects to the previously purchased Playhut bits. He also got a folding table and chairs (think portable for outdoors) which, appropriately enough, has a Teddy Bear motif.

We played with the drums at Toyland. They had an Applewood Tone Drum (didn't buy it here, but this is the same thing: that Teddy was slightly interested in (mostly because the mallets are pretty amazing) and I _loved_ so I got that one for me. We had a bunch of fun with it when we opened the box and took it out at home because the sound resonates better when the holes in the side of the wood box are not in contact with cardboard. Big surprise there, I know.

I'm reading _Pope Joan_, and highly amused because it shares some plot elements with _Alanna: the First Adventure_ (trading places with a brother, cross-dressing for success). OTOH, I'm not amused at all because YET AGAIN we start one of these book group novels with a horrific birth story, followed by brutalization of the female characters of the book. Repeatedly. It's quite nasty. I'm about a third of the way through with it; hopefully I'll wrap it up tomorrow.