August 14th, 2007

weekend update

We went up to Maine on Friday/Saturday. Friday was York Beach to see Teddy's Grandpa G. I was hesitant to do this, but we saw him briefly in Narragansett and he was well-behaved. We think traveling with B. encourages him to be on his best behavior. We also had an invitation to go to a pig roast in Phippsburg which we foolishly thought was only about an hour further north. Ha. Closer to two.

We went to Kittery both days. Teddy got a whole bunch of clothes for the next year on Friday, and a bunch of toys on Saturday. Also, R. got four pairs of Johnston and Murphy for our wedding anniversary.

I got and read _The Hero Strikes Back_, a title I'm still scratching my head over. Very, very good, and a lot of ambiguity in the resolution. The protagonist has a strong opinion about why the "events" restarted and the weird weather ended along with the antsiness and tendency to riot, but there is no definitive answer, and no one else gets any kind of answer at all. I wholeheartedly approve.


I've got an account on vimeo. Currently, everything is contacts only, so if you want to see what I've got over there, create an account on vimeo (free) and then let me know what name/email address you used for that account so I can add you to my contacts and view the vids. Eventually, I'll post some Teddy video. There are some clips up there right now, which I will not describe in a public post.