July 27th, 2007

grrr-head: Home Entertainment System

The Sennheiser 130s arrived. Unfortunately, I don't think I can hook them up yet.

I've got both RCA-Balanced, but there's only one audio out, so I have to wait for the Y-cables to arrive. I looked around on the TV for a headphones out and _there IS one_. But if you attach headphones to it, the television speakers shut off. Which I can understand, and even makes pretty good sense as a design thing, but is _not_ what I want to have happen.


Which means I have to wait for all four Y-cables to arrive, to hook up the DVD player to the amp, and to hook the TV up to the second set of headphones.

As for the other device I was looking for, what I want is an audio matrix switcher, which does not appear to be anywhere available, but which R. thinks he can make with pretty inexpensive parts, completely passive, no power required. Matrix switchers that also do video are available, but it's not clear what I want yet, and probably buying one will send me very far down the path that leads to a home theater PC.

Heavier *sigh*.

In better news, connecting the DVD player to the TV using the first set of video-component cables to arrive did improve the picture. It's *really really really* pretty now. I'm not clear right now what I'm going to do with the second set, since apparently the Tivo does not have component out.