July 23rd, 2007

Teddy's sleeping in the stroller

and Grandma is sleeping on the couch. Kinda cute.

We're off to Narragannsett for a week (I bet I spelled that wrong) in a few days, to hang out with other in-laws (R.'s sisters and some of their families, and I think R.'s father and his current girlfriend will be coming by for a while) and generally not be at home. Hopefully this will be fun.

Teddy's volunteering to use the potty other than after getting up, sometimes three or four times a day. Of course, he pees way more often than that, so diapers are still key, but it's an encouraging trend.

I've put together several cheat-sheets: one for what's involved in going into closed session, one about minutes, one about decorum, one about calling meetings. Basically, they are a collection of short summaries of relevant statute, by-law and parliamentary authority on the given topic, arranged in that order, with citations and/or links to the law/rule. The topics are all things that have been recent/ongoing points of contention. I keep looking at them thinking, no reason on earth I can't post these to my website. But I haven't yet, because I'm trying to figure out if there's any way doing so is likely to backfire. Near as I can tell, despite repeatedly referring to my website and so forth, no one involved in BPL has checked it out yet.

What the hell. I'm going to. Then I'll agonize about whether to send the links to anyone else and, if so, who. ;-)

The other current research project is accounting. I never took a class. I probably should have.